How To Escape Spiritually Safe

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No one should feel the trauma and shame of narcissistic abuse. You feel confused, distraught and powerless. You may feel astounded and shocked that you remain so entangled and can’t completely break free. This abuse can bring much confusion and can take years and decades to heal but we believe that transformation is spirit deep and can bring great healing, power, purpose and enlightenment. Whether you are currently in or have exited a narcissistic relationship, toxic or oppressive dynamic with a significant other, family member, boss or co-worker you are here because you now realize that you need help.

Help from someone who has experienced and overcome 20 years of Narcissistic Abuse and can empathize, relate and offer you spiritual and practical help. You have exhausted your own tools and need effective ones to help transform your circumstances. Information, advice and recovery programs created by Alicia Breeze are designed to help you understand narcissistic abuse from a natural and spiritual perspective and also empower you to take control of your life and position you to heal deep within your soul. You will learn to utilize tools in this Free Masterclass led by Founder Alicia Breeze. She will guide you on how to renovate and recover your life after Narcissistic Abuse & Toxicity with the power of God and your restored identity.

Attendees will navigate their own spiritual foundation so a safe and secure inner space can emerge transformed. They will learn how to apply the tools taught, be offered more resources to support their journey and get the accountability needed in this transformation process. Can’t wait to connect! Sign up Today, HELP is on the Way! (All Classes Have Strict Confidential Protocols to ensure Safety)

LOCATION: ZOOM (Virtual/Online)

TIME: 10am – 12pm


Please block 2 hours for each class

How To Escape Spiritually Safe is a series of classes intended for you to focus on renovating your spirit from a foundationary level within the mind, body and soul. You will identify and confront the things that have crept into your spiritual foundation and execute the practical and spiritual work to root it out, in order to rebuild and witness God’s transformation of your soul, mind and yes even your relationships. If you have survived the gut-wrenching traumatic effects of narcissistic abuse, yet still experience the ongoing trauma of this ordeal, then these series of classes are also for you. I look forward to Shootin’ Da Breeze with you all!

*Note that these classes take place on Zoom for that reason you may remain discreet
*There are NO REFUNDS
*There will be opportunities to purchase recordings if you must miss a class.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I register for a class if I live in a different country?

Live virtual (online) training and pre-recorded tutorial available for students in different countries. This means that, there’s no need for people who can’t make it to miss out despite time zone differences.

2. What is the refund policy?

Sorry there are NO REFUNDS.

3. What if I miss the Live Masterclass?

You will have access to the replay for 1 week from the day of the live class. Please contact us for the replay link.

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